What is Li Bien

What is Li Bien?

  • Li Bien is a Chinese word.
  • Li Bien is a skill and art.
  • Li Bien is a trade name.
  • Li Bien is a grand gift.
  • Li Bien is a business.

Here you can get the stories about the past and this life of "Li Bien".

"Li Bien" is a Chinese word, it's easy to read and remember.

Know it from the sensory

"Li Bien" is just a Chinese word, which means "inside".

Li Bien is a centuries-old art

Know it from the origin

From a certain moment, "Li Bien" was began to be called as the name of a centuries-old art of inside painting, alluding to the way they're made which hand painted on the inside of mouth-blown glass.

Learn about Li Bien creative process.

"Li Bien" is a skill, it's distinctive and challenging.

Know it from the creative

As shown in the photos, the design is created by inserting a tiny, L-shaped brush through a small opening in the ornament and reverse-painting everything by hand. It's a time-consuming, complex process that requires a steady and delicate hand, and can take up to 2-3 days per ornament!

Learn about Li Bien creative process.

Li Bien is a legend and legacy, it belongs to everyone of the world.

Know it from the worth/value

"Li Bien" originated in China during the Qing Dynasty and flourished, back in the early 17th century when snuff bottles were valued fashion accessories in China.

Learn about its today's situation.

"Li Bien" is a brand and trade name, it's well-known and world-famous.

Know it from the business

In the past 30 years, Li Bien™ has become the most famous brand and trade name of inside painting. Li Bien™ ornaments, made using traditional, centuries-old techniques, are widely known and praised throughout the world.

Li Bien is an ancient artistic tradition, but chic, stylish and novel even today.

Know it from the items

Li Bien™ ornaments, are made using the centuries-old skill flourished in the centuries ago. However, even in the land of the world's most glittering and gleaming ornaments, Li Bien™ ornament is still chic, stylish, delicate, different, Special, Unusual, popular, attractive, glamorous, fascinating and charming, and we are willing to take all the best words to describe it.

What's the highlights?

"Li Bien" ornament is a memento of memories, it's the grand gift for everyone.

Know it from the inspiration

Something or some grand moments can never be forgotten, paint your memories inside of the ornaments. Making them the a great memento, or the perfect gift or souvenir for anyone!

The paint of Li Bien ornaments will not peel or be scratched since it is inside the ornament, this makes them still look beautiful for many years. And years later, we believe the past always seems better because of Li Bien ornaments when you look back on it. When that day comes, you will be fascinated/ enchanted/ charmed/ captivated by Li Bien ornament, and intoxicate/ revel in your memories and remembrance.

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Li Bien item is a valuable collectable, it's tomorrow's heirloom.

Know it from the value

The paint will not peel or scratch because it is on the inside, keeping the ornament beautiful and pristine for years. Perhaps someday, your kids will find it the perfect family heirloom!

Today, there is a rapidly growing number of collectors throughout the world who are fascinated by these small, exquisite objects and attracted by their aesthetic and tactile qualities, Li Bien item is tomorrow's heirloome.

Li Bien™ is a great idea, for cooperation, marketing or promotion.

Customization by Li Bien

Li Bien™ is not just an ornament, it's also an idea. We accept custom designs as request.

The paint will not peel or scratch because it is on the inside, keeping the ornament beautiful and pristine for years, this will make your promotion effective for many years, to more and more people.

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Sales promotion

It is a grand gift for everyone, and bringing years of promoting effects for brands setting up and spreading.

Gift for any & all occasions

It is a grand gift to everyone for any and all commercial activities and festive occasions.

What's more?

“What the mind can conceive, it can achieve." -- Napoleon Hill

Li Bien is a wholesale business, welcome more people to join.

Li Bien

Li Bien™ is a growing business, looking for exciting new talent. With a networked PC, Mac or others. Start your zero - stock business on Li Bien.

Learn more about how to join us and become a dealer.

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Wholesale business

Li Bien is a wholesale business,
and sells only to importers, stores, distributors and dealers.

Zero-stock business

On-demand manufacturing to achieve flexible and high efficiency production control and satisfy the supply request as zero-stock.

Customization business

On-demand customization to ensure every designs can meet different needs or requirements of different customers and markets.

Li Bien is a public good, we find happiness in helping each other's privation.

by Li Bien

And you can feel good about your purchase or resale of Li Bien™ ornament, you contribute your shares to revive this ancient Art.: Li Bien™ provides a livelihood for many talented artists and craftsmen who would otherwise languish in poverty, and provides entrepreneurial opportunities for lack of funds.

Learn more about back story of Li Bien artists.

Learn more about how to start your Li Bien zero - stock business.

Li Bien is a team, it's quality, good faith and service first.

by Li Bien

Li Bien business is committed to reviving this ancient Art as a help to the tough-conditioned artists.

Market and customer focus and world-class professional service.

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Simplifying a bit...

Li Bien is inside painting.
Li Bien ornament is inside painted ornament.
Li Bien items are inside painted items.

Still confused?

Li Bien is inside painting.
Li Bien ornament is inside painted ornament.
Li Bien items are inside painted items.

And again...

Li Bien is inside painting.
Li Bien ornament is inside painted ornament.
Li Bien items are inside painted items.

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